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Spring 2014 Peace & Friendship Week



To register for the school website, powered by School Loop, click the register button above and follow the directions. All you need is an email account and your student's ID number




Order Forms are available in the Main Office and Counseling Office.

To order, bring form and check or cash to A-20


Click below for online ordering



Hoover Locks

and PE Uniforms

Locks and/or PE uniforms are available for purchase Wednesdays, during Homeroom. To make your purchase from Mr. Egre, come to the Boys Locker Room, with a pass signed by your HR Teacher.

Problem of the Week

General Information


The Problem Of The Week is a weekly math competition.  A new problem will be posted every week.  The problem will be posted outside Mr. Robison’s door and on School Loop.  You can participate by coming up with a solution and submitting it to Mr. Robison.  Each week the winner will win a front of the line lunch pass, a HOOPLA award and a homework pass for your math class.  At the end of the year all of the winners will get to go on a field trip.


Please follow these guidelines while participating in the competition:

  • Students are expected to work on the problem independently.


  • Solutions must be submitted to Mr. Robison by Friday at 3:30.  You may submit solutions electronically through School Loop or physically by putting your solutions in the envelope outside Mr. Robison’s door.


  • Show all of your work, just submitting the answer will not be enough to win.


  • Neatness and organization are important, they will be a factor in determining the winner in case of multiple correct solutions.


  • It is very important to show and explain all steps that are a part of your solution.  It is likely that there will be multiple students who arrive at a correct answer.  The winner will be chosen based on elegant or clever solutions.  If you can solve the problem in multiple ways feel free to do so.  Some problems will have multiple parts.  You may submit a solution even if you did not complete all parts.


  • There is no limit to the number of times that a student may win, but homework passes are only allowed to be used once per week.


Congratulations to our  previous winners:


Aaron Liang (8th), Alicia Thurber (6th), Gavin Liang (7th), Gavin Liang (7th), Alan Su (6th), Jennifer Zacena (8th), Lianne Wong (7th), Muhammed Angeles (7th), Gavin Liang (7th), Emily Wong (7th), Eugene Kwong


Here is this week’s problem: 


Problem of the Week #32


My watch is 1 second fast per hour and Vasya’s is 1.5 seconds slow per hour. Right now they show the same time.  When will they show the same time again?


An Important Message

from Mr. Stachon



The north gate to school which is located at the top end of 14th Ave is for staff only.  

Because it is a narrow alley with no sidewalk or easement, the two way traffic is very dangerous for students walking in from the street.  Please drop your child off on the sidewalk outside the campus and have them walk to the gym or building.

If your child has a disability or is unable to walk, they are welcome to visit the counseling office to receive a parking permit. This will allow you to enter the upper lot until your child is able to walk onto campus.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all Hoover students safe!


Michael Stachon,

Assistant Principal


Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.26.45 PM.png


Ask your kids about the computers they use at school.

We need to replace 300 over the next 18 months!


Upcoming Parent/Guardian Events


April 21 -- PTA Meeting: Room B-12; 6:30 - 7:30




Upcoming Events


April 24 -- School Dance

April 25 – Hoover Open House 5:30-7:30

May 3 -- CMEA 12:00-3:00

May 8  -- Spring Band Assemblies

May 9 -- Spring Band Concert 7:30-9:00

May 29 – 8th Grade Graduation

May 30 – Happy Summer!




Hoover Calendar

Today: 4/20/14



Testing Season Begins at Hoover MS
It is testing season here at Hoover, but this season will look and feel different from anything we have experienced before.  Our testing window is from April 14 - May 16, 2014 - see below for specific dates for each grade .  SFUSD, along... Continue
Posted by: Elizabeth Fierst
Published: 4/11/14

An Important Message from Mr. Stachon
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! The north gate to school which is located at the top end of 14th Ave is for  staff only .   Because it is a narrow alley with no sidewalk or easement, the two way traffic is very dangerous for students walking in f... Continue
Posted by: Sally Meneely
Published: 4/7/14

Science of Skulls Filmmaking Summer Camp at California Academy of Sciences
The  California Academy of Sciences is thrilled to announce an exciting summer opportunity!   The Science of Skulls Filmmaking Summer Camp, a one-week program (July 14th - July 18th) for middle school youth, grades 6–8.   Camp... Continue
Posted by: Kathleen Tobin
Published: 4/7/14

8th Grade High School Information

Key Dates:  2013 - 2014 school year


  • February 14, 3:00 pm –
    • SOTA application due (for March 9 audition)
  • March 14
    • Placement notification