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How to Find Us

Our names are Zulay Jesus and Rachel Zhao.  It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as family liaisons to the families of Hoover Middle School.

Our office is located in room A24, 415-759-2873.

Office hours: 

Zulay Jesus

Family Liaison, Spanish speaking 

Monday-Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Twitter: @MsHawkishere

Tel: 628-333-0979


Rachel Leong

Family Liaison, Chinese speaking

M-W-F 9:00am - 1:00pm

T-Th 12:00 pm - 4:00pm

WeChat (微信號): 



Zulay Jesus


工作時間:星期一至星期五  上午7:30至下午3:30







How to Get Involved & Family Liaisons


Come to the Family Center

  • Computer access
    • Register for weekly Food Pantry
    • Get help with registering for Synergy Gradebook or School Messenger
    • Study English with:
      • BrainPop!
      • RosettaStone
      • Duolingo
  • Volunteer at Hoover
    • Assist with special events like BBQs, school events for students and families
    • Office assistant, e.g. help make teacher copies for classes, prepare flyers, mailers, etc
    • Chaperone Field Trips
    • and More!
  • School Committees & Groups to Get Involved
    • ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee) 
    • PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)
  • Help your child:
    • Contact with Teachers, tutors, etc.
    • Discuss student's performance
    • Help your child through middle school
    • Help your child be ready for high school

How do the Family Liaisons assist Parents & Families?

We provide:

  • Translation services
  • Assistances with setting up conferences with teachers and counselors
  • Tools to establish relationships and communication with the school
  • Assess to both on and off campus services
  • Parent events and workshops series.

We are here to serve you!






  • 翻譯工作
  • 協調老師與家長的會議
  • 協助家長開會
  • 校內或者校外的服務
  • 校內家長活動和培訓


Family Engagement Events 2018-19 Ask a family liaison to learn more!

(click below for details)

family events