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Food Pantry Volunteer Application

We want your help! Apply to be a Friday volunteer  See Ms. Fatima for more information or details in B20.

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Hawk Habits*

Hawk Habits are the following:


  • We Get to Class ON TIME
  • We Use Technology as a Tool, Not a Distraction
  • Use Lockers Before and After or Before and After Lunch

We are SAFE

  • We Walk Safely
  • We Play Safely
  • Use Technology Safely
  • We Are Kind to Others


  • We Are Here to LEARN


*Hawk Habits have been posted around school.

Hawk Habits PSA Video #3 for week of Dec 18

Use this LINK or click the image to view the Hawk Habits PSA

2 students


Hawk Habits PSA Video #2 for week of Dec 11

Use this link to view the Hawk Habits PSA video for the week. 


Hawk Habits PSA Video #1 for week of Dec 4

Use this link to open up December 4th's  Hawk Habit PSA video.

Promoting Student Safety at Hoover 2017-18

Student safety is Hoover's #1 concern.  We ask hawks to STOP-THINK-ACT so as not to compromise physical and/or verbal safety.  Identify an Adult Ally today!


Click the bold text to review the slidedeck for Part 1 (General Safety & Bullying/Harassment defined) that was reviewed with students in Homeroom classes, beginning Sept 18th.


Click the bold text to review the slidedeck for Part 2 (Construction Safety & Student Conflict) reviewed in Homeroom classes, beginning October 2nd.



Food, Cell Phones, Lockers & More: Hoover's Key School Policies for 2017-18

To promote a clean, safe & positive environment, all students are expected to follow these policies.  School Policies were reviewed in Homeroom classes the first days of school.  If you need a reminder, see the Google Slide Deck for a review.

Hawk Squad Application

Calling All Hawks! Looking for applicants to the Hoover Hawk Squad Student Tech Team.


If you are interested in signing on as an official Hawk Squad Tech Team member, please complete the Google Form Hawk Squad Application. Submissions will be reviewed and considered for membership and training. 

Post-Assembly Conflict management quiz

Reading Inventory LINK

ELECTRONICS POLICY: The Rules & Consequences for Mis-Use



  1. Personal Electronic Usage Permitted Only:  Before and After School or during Lunch outside of school buildings.

  2. Classroom:  Teacher’s Discretion. Electronic device(s) may only be used with adult permission.

  3. Hallway: No ear buds, talking or texting on phones (for safety concerns).

  4. Speakers use: Are not allowed anywhere on campus including phone or iPad speakers, unless permitted for school use.  

If you don’t follow the rules:

  1. Checking in with the student (discussion with teacher, counselor, security and/or admin).

  2. First offense: Confiscation of electronics for remainder of day.  It will be returned to the student at dismissal on the first offense.

  3. Second offense: Same steps as listed above, but device will be held pending a parent or guardian contact/meeting.

  4. Third offense: Device will be held by administration or parent for the remainder of the semester OR a plan to turn in/pick up at the start and end of school.