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Grade 8 Information

Community Service -- 8th Grade

This is a reminder that all 8th Grade Students must complete 5 hours of Community Service by February 1, 2018.


You may pick up the Community Service Form in the Counseling Office. On the form there are suggestions where you can fulfill your Community Service Requirement.


Please turn in your completed Community Service Form to your grade level counselor.

Things to Consider

When deciding what high school/ college to choose the aspects to look for are relatively simiiar



Big vs. Small

Some questions to ask yourself are: Do I want a big school where there may be many students in my class?  Do I need/want a lot of attention from school staff? Do I want to have the opportunity to join many different clubs activities?  Do I want the opportunity to meet a lot of different people?  Do I prefer to stay with a small group of friends?



Far vs. Close to Home

Some questions to ask yourself are: Am I willing to travel a long distance to go to school? Do you want to go to school on the other side of the city many of the high schools start at 7:30 am, can you make it to school on time? Are you willing to travel on public transportation for over an hour?  For college (if you go away): Are you willing not to go home very often? Do you want to live at home and commute? Do you want to be able to come home on weekends?


Classes/Activities Offered

What do you want to study?

All high schools and colleges have required classes (see high school A-G requirements), but if you want to study engineering, schools with that are not known for math/science are probably not for you. Do you want to study art? Now is the time to create a portfolio and look for schools that are strong in the arts. Are you interested in sports? Some schools do not have sports teams.  Some schools do not offer all sports.


"Shadow Days" and Tours

High Schools and Colleges offer days to visit the campus and sit in on classes and spend the day. You can get a feel for the school and see if it is a good fit for you. The best high school/college is the one that where you will be happy and successful. 

You are responsible to arrange the "Shadow Days" with the school in which you are interested.  Then we must have a note from your parent/guardian that you were "shadowing" at a school to for your absence to be excused.  The High Schools also have specific High School nights where you and your parents/guardians can visit the school and learn more.  Trust your instinct when you visit, if a school does not feel right, then it is not the right school for you.


Apply Early

Do not wait until the last minute. You will feel better and less stressed. 

H.S. Application Deadlines


NOTE: Lowell HS does NOT want Letters of Recommendations.  School Of The Arts does want a Letter of Recommendation.

H.S. Information Night

Click Here for the presentation on applications and enrollment 

Click Here for the presentation on Career Tech Ed and Pathways 


Hoover is hosting Hoover and Aptos Middle School 8th grade families for an information night on how to choose and fill out your SFUSD high school application


When: Date TBA  5:30-6:30pm

Where:  TBA

Who: 8th grade families from Aptos and Hoover Middle Schools

Contact _______________ with questions.

List 10 choices on your High School Application and Here is Why...

8th grade students & parents/guardians of 8th grade students:


It is HIGHLY recommended that you fill out ALL 10 spots even if you do not wish to go to the schools you list. 

By listing 10 PUBLIC schools you are allowing yourself more opportunities to win the lottery. Each school is it's own lottery. So... for example, by listing 10 out of 10 schools, you give yourself 10 chances to win the lottery. If you list 5 schools, you are giving yourself 50% less of a chance to win a lottery. If you only list one school, you have ONLY entered yourself in ONE lottery. If you do not win the lottery for that one school, then you will be randomly placed in a school that is the least requested/desired high school in all of San Francisco.


You goal is to win one lottery - so by selecting 10 of 10 schools, you have given yourself the maximum chance to win at least one lottery.


If you win the lottery for ONE school (even if it is the school you listed as number 10 - which might not be a school you want to go to at all - but that is OK), then you have some trading value and the SFUSD high school placement lottery system will trade your winning lottery school with the goal of giving you one of your top choice schools. 


Please remember also to turn your application into the Main Office.

If you are applying to Lowell, staple that application to your general high school application and turn into the Main Office.

Private School Applicants

If you are planning on applying to private high schools, please consider the following:


Each private school application is a little bit different- look closely at the directions!


If asking for Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from teachers, DO NOT wait until the last minute.  Ask teachers well before the due date.


When asking teachers for a recommendation:

     - Ask the teacher in person

     - Bring a copy of your resume or a list of what you might like for them to write about

     - Give them a copy of the form they need to fill out OR the school's instructions for the LOR including

the DUE DATE and how the teacher returns the LOR. 


*If the teacher needs to send it in on their own, provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope.