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Student Usernames and Passwords

General Information

All students are issued district Usernames and Passwords. All Hoover teachers can assist students determine forgotten passwords. Students should not change these passwords.  

The same username and password is needed for students to access many digital tools and resources:

  • Synergy/SIS/EduPoint
  • Google Apps for Education accounts
  • Destiny/Destiny Quest 

Student usernames and passwords will follow them throughout their educational experience in SFUSD.

Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

Students will be asked for their "email" to sign in to their Google account.  

The domain name is

Students must type their username and the entire domain name in the email sign in field.  


The password remains case sensitive.


Student passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.  Each password has numbers, lower case letters and CAPITAL letters.  These must be typed accurately in order to grant access to student accounts.  Teachers and school administrators can assist students find forgotten usernames and passwords.

User Error

Most complaints of malfunctioning accounts are caused by typing errors.  Read the information on this subpage carefully and double check your typing before submitting a complaint.