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LC Book Recommendations

Looking for something new to read?  Here's a list of some of our past recommendations. 

If you like the slice of life/fantasy books, this is the book for you.  Dragons called to Vienna have gone missing. Only a few dragons remain, all having the same golden eyes.  Grisha, a dragon, is now on a quest to find these missing dragons. With the help of Maggie, a human, the pair go on an adventure.  I initially thought this book was boring and even took a break from it. When I picked it in hopes of quickly finishing it, I was hooked.  I’m still shedding non existent tears from the ending. The tears are non existent because they only exist in my thoughts. I’m not heartless. I just don’t want my mom to think I’m a weirdo for crying over a book.

Excerpted from an 8th Grader’s recommendation, Sept. 2018

radio dellyRadio Delley is a quick paced story about three friends who solve a mystery in their hometown. 
Great for a fun, short read!

Recommendation by
Ms. Heather, March 2019

MaxAre you a fan of Big Nate? Then you need to meet Max!

Max, who has always yearned to be a knight, must figure out how to rescue Budrick with the aid of new friends, the newly anointed Midknights. Thus begins a winding adventure filled with laughs, hijinks, and unexpected revelations, including a few about Max's identity.

Description from Publisher's Weekly.

Coyote SunriseThe Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise is a remarkable story of a young girl and her father facing their challenges as they travel the United States together.  Coyote is determined to return home in time to rescue a precious memory box despite her dad, Rodeo, having other ideas.  The story unfolds through the places they go and the people they meet on their journey.  It is a beautiful story filled with complicated characters who share their wisdom and insights. There is much to love about this story and I strongly recommend it.

Suggestion written by Ms. Heather, February 2019

hex vetDo you like animals? How about witches?  

Hex Vet: Witches in Training is a super cute story about a pair of novice witches learning their job of veterinarians.  

Suggestion written by Ms. Heather, January 2019

Hello UniverseHello Universe is a story of intersecting lives on a single day. The tale is told from the voices of four different people, Virgil, Valencia, Kaori, and Chet, who each add their unique perspective to the events as they unfold.   Hello Universe, the 2018 Newbery Award winner, is an engaging and unexpected book and was quite a satisfying read.  

Recommendation written by Ms. Heather, January 2019


deep waterWashed away from shore, unable to see civilization , facing survival in the endless sea, would you ever manage to live? Twelve year old Julie was in that very position.  Her job of guiding a group of rich men on a scuba diving trip becomes something quite different after their boat disappears and they are left to survive the open sea with nothing but themselves and their diving gear.  Although it didn’t seem reasonable for a twelve year old to face such a situation, this was a great book to read. If I was to read it again, I would probably read it when I’m not eating something as I’m just not good with bloody scenes.  They make me lose my appetite.

Excerpted from an 8th Grader's recommendation, September 2018