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Video: Beginning/ Intermediate

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video: Advanced

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Video: Musical Theatre


Beginning/Intermediate Chorus


Advanced Chorus



Musical Theater




Chorus is a full-year elective for all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Chorus has four different levels: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and musical theatre. Through a variety of musical styles, chorus will teach students singing techniques, elements of music, and much more. Students in chorus will learn many new skills such as singing posture, solfege, pitch, and rhythm. They will see the connection between hard work, self discipline, responsibility, confidence, and communication. Students will be able to learn these skills, and many others as well, while in chorus.


Students in chorus will participate in many performances and concerts throughout the year. Some of these performances are for the school, others are for families, and a few are for the general public. There will also be a few field trips that will be incorporated into the semesters. A few of the concerts include the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and the Musical Theatre Performance. Students might also perform in the All City Festival, San Francisco Youth Festival, a holiday event at Union Square, and many more to come.



“I don’t think that I would have become president if it were not for my school music program.”

  • Former US President Bill Clinton

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them. A world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing children with a complete education that includes music.”

  • Former US President Gerald Ford



Chorus Director

Mr. Kenneth Koppes


Mr. Koppes has taught st Hoover for 22 years. He started singing in elementary school and all throughout middle school and high school. He sang in college and in a few professional choirs too.

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2017-2018 performance dates

Fall Semester:

  • Back to School Night - September 14
  • Winter Chorus Evening Concert - December 8

Spring Semester:

  • San Francisco All City Festival - February 2 & February 3
  • Musical Theatre Evening Performances - April 12 & April 13
  • Hoover Open House - April 27
  • Spring Chorus Evening Concert - May 18 (7:00, at Hoover Middle School)
  • Hoover Promotion Ceremony - June 4